Very slow performance / connection errors


Hi, I had some connection problems due to ip changes but managed to sort them out (between grafana and my mysql database) however, it is really slow and buggy now, graphs not loading correctly " error connecting to your instance" and so on. What’s causing this, is it my grafana instance, my coding or is there still something wrong in the database connection?


Strange, we have no other reports off performance problems right now. Where are you MySQL server located, maybe a temporary network issue between GrafanaCloud and your MySQL server


Hi, thanx for the quick reply. I’m using hosted google cloud mysql, US Central, my Grafana should also be US central as far as I understand, I’ve whitelisted all IP’s in your IP list. Sometimes it works fine after a google cloud restart, sometimes it wakes up by itself… I’ve tried different connection settings in the data source, timeouts and so on. I don’t really know what I should go for, keep as much connections open as possible and re-use them or drop them quickly.

The database connection test on the source page works fine.


I managed to make it work better by seriously reducing the amount of open and idle connections to 10.
Timeout is now default and it seems to work.