Variables page is slow in Settings (20+ variables) - 7.4.0 - #25214

Hi All,
I just upgraded to 7.4.0 from 7.3.2 and noticed great feature “Variables inspection #25214” released.
Though I also noticed that variables page now loading quite slow
I have around 20+ variables on the dashboard and now it takes around 15 sec to load Settings->Variables page.
On my dashboard I have:

  • 3 datasources
  • 5 constants
  • 7 SHOW TAG VALUES queries (limited to 1 small dictionary table where possible)
  • 9 “SELECT FROM” small dictionary table

In 7.3.2 it didnt take longer than second so queries should be fine
Any suggestions?
I didn’t find any similar complaints so far


Same thing here. Its exasperating to create a dashboard…

Experiencing the same issue and waiting for an update from the Grafana team.

Any news?
@rinshadrabab did you raise this issue with Grafana team somewhere?
I believe it could be fixed in Variables: Improves inspection performance and unknown filtering by hugohaggmark · Pull Request #31811 · grafana/grafana · GitHub in v 7.5.0-b2
Have you tried that?

back to normal with new version deployed