Variables inside a library element don't change dynamically value into another page

Hi, I used in another dashboard a single stats panel from my library.
It’s an instant call like:
ping_master_db{exported_instance="$dbinstance", job="$job"}

Naturally in my #2 dashboard the variable values are differents (this like a hard-code hidden vars), but surprisingly remain the same of the original dashboard. I thought that with a same variable name (in each dashboard) the runtime value could it change accordingly, but it wasn’t like that!

So can you confirm that even if you use an single stats or other from the library, the variables remain those of the original dashboard?

There seems very strange to me… I also tried to unlink one and maintain the original one linked… and the behavior is what I have stated! The unlinked works perfectly with the unlinked like:

ping_master_db{exported_instance="myserverdb", job="sql-slow}

and the linked like

ping_master_db{exported_instance="myserverdb-test", job="sql-fast}