URL Parameters using value


Im linking a dashboard to a panel and when setting the url parameters i need to have the template variable of the landing page to be equal to the value shown in the single stat

Url paramter var-Testing=Value . Now this Value i need it to be equal to the value shown in singlestat panel.

How do i achieve this


Sadly, you can’t set the template variable of the landing dashboard using the Singlestat panel.

However, you can use the Table panel to get the same functionality.
Just execute the same query in a table panel, and then under column styles, check “Render value as link”.

Then go to your landing dashboard, copy its URL, paste it into the Url textbox under the Link menu, and edit the last part of the URL so that it ends with ...var-Testing=$__cell&orgID=1

Thank you for the reply, I have used table rendering link before but for this i wanted single stat because i want to escalte from a high level into deep dive and wanted to set the template based on the value obtained by single stat.I will try some way around it.Thank you again

Understood, please share your workaround when you find it! I would also want the same functionality.