Variable Refresh Options


I’m trying to build a dashboard with table and dynamic panels at the bottom added based on the results of the query feeding into table.

I’m new to Graphana, so I don’t know if my approach is correct.

I created a variable (query) which returns values that can be used to add panels dynamically that match results in the table, the problem is that the variable refresh only on “Dashboard Load” when table updates every 10 seconds. For the bottom panels to match table results I have to reload the dashboard.
Is there any way of specifying custom variable refresh interval or to refresh variable when Dashboard is refreshed?


I experimented with how the variable is set up and after changing “Refresh” option to “On Time Range Change” the bottom panels started updating correctly (they are added removed in line with the results in the table above).
I don’t understand this behavior, but it does a trick for me.