Variable ${} not working permanently

We recently upgraded to 6.7.3 use the new variable ${}. This we need to connect to a MySQL datasource with tables names identical to the Grafana

However the variable only seems to work at inital load of a dashboard. When changing the time picker to any value does no longer work.

Example query:
SELECT count(number) as value from ${} where $__timeFilter(date)

Query Inspector at initial dashboard load:
“sql”: “SELECT count(number) as value from JOE DOE where date BETWEEN FROM_UNIXTIME(1583017200) AND FROM_UNIXTIME(1585691999)”

After changing time picker:
“sql”: “SELECT count(number) as value from ${} where date BETWEEN FROM_UNIXTIME(1546297200) AND FROM_UNIXTIME(1577833199)”

Of course that connection to MySQL fails because of unknown table.

Any idea what might be wrong?

Best regards

Meanwhile wwo similar errors reported as issue:

grafana 7.0.3: problem reproducible

we also see, that all global variables are only valid in the very first call. With any refresh, they cannot be used any more.

Any plan on when this will be solved?
With the current status, global variables simply cannot be used.

Found an update: According to this has been included in the 7.1 milestone.
Tested with 7.1.3 and it is Ok, resolved. :+1: Thank you! :grinning: