Values 0 in query for elastic (1am-2am)


I have a problem with my grafana for a specific hour. Each day at 1am all the queries that use the elasticsearch datasources return as value 0, not even “no data” nor “null” nor “execution error”. The problem recovers at 2am. The dashs return to show the values correctly. I know it because I check Kibana and I see the values on live. Stranger still is that alerts are not triggered until today that I receive only 1(of 25 working)

I´ve updated the Grafana version one week ago to v7.1.4. but I think this issue starts yesterday…

Like this from 1am to 2am. When we arrive at 2am all the values are printing on the dash correctly.

And the query inspector shows doc counts=0:

Is there anyone with the same problem?