Grafana elasticsearch alert issue

Hi there,

i got some issues with elasticsearch and grafana alerting on a plain count.
I have panel on grafana filtered by es query. The graph looks good so far.

however the alert wont work properly. At first i set an alert rule with count(A,5m,now)… etc.
As this lead to some strange results, i googeled a little bit and as far as i know it does a count of a count (what is wrong). So i switched the alert rule to max(), last() etc… but i always get a 0 result… even if set the time range extremly fat like in the picture below.

It would be nice if any can explain me that behavior as i dont know whats going on or how to fix this.
Thank you in advanced


Problem solved. It was the missing “@timestamp” in goup by.
Topic can be closed.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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