Elastisearch alert issue


I am having problems alering on a elasticsearch graph panel. I am doing a simple lucene search and counting the number of docs returned.I would like to set up an alarm that will be triggered if the number of docs exceed a certain threshold for a specified time. However the alert function does not seem to be able to read any data. All I get is the no data state.

The metric:

The alert:

I am quite new to this so I might be doing things the wrong way. Any ideas why I get no data?

you date histogram interval is 10m but your alert query time range is only 5m (see the conditions, says query A, from 5m to now)

Thanks Torkel, I tried changing the time range but still no data. A question: We are on hosted grafana and are currently accessing the ES datasource using browser mode, am I correct in assuming the alerting engine is also querying ES using browser mode or are those requests in fact originating from the server?

Alerting always queries from the server

That explains a lot then, thanks for your reply. :+1: