Utilizing a template variable value in a query


I have 2 use cases in which I’m trying to use a template item in a query.

The first one is using a numeric template value. While I can define such a template, seems the query doesn’t allow using the = operator on a template item. it only supports =~ and !~. Since these are numbers, the query doesn’t work really. Any work around on that ?

The second one is a template value which is a string. But I can’t get it to work in a “like” fashion. So for example, I want the user of the board to put something like “SW*” and the query will query all the entities that starts with SW. If I put Entity =~ “/SW.*” obvisouly it works, but when trying to do Entity =~ /^EntityPrerfix$/ (which is the template item name), it won’t work. Any idea ?