Utilising output from one query to input into a second query in same alert

Good Afternoon all,

Totally new to this, however the product seems to be very easy to use and works a charm on most things. The only question I have at the moment is is it possible to parse a result from one query into another in the same alert setup?

So if Query A returns a name can Query B then look for that name in another query base?

HI @johnfp,

That’s an interesting question. Setting aside for a moment your strategy, can you describe your intent in a little more detail? What are you hoping to accomplish and why? What datasources and how many are you querying?

Good Morning Matt.

I have 2 separate databases on a server. One holds the administration of the uploading of files etc.

On this I am running a query to alert if one of the files being uploaded is taking more than 10 minutes.

The second query I am trying to build is to take the id of the result of the first query if over 10 minutes and check in a table on the second database to see if there are any entries within the last 10 minutes where that ID is contained in a specific field of a line of data being added.

if query 1 produces a result query 2 checks and if it doesn’t produces a result then an email is sent to the support team to investigate

I have currently got round this by adding the first query into the second query as well, that way it works, and I still get the logging of the first query. However it will be good to know if this can be done for future queries and alert settings

Hi @johnfp,

That’s great that you’ve found a workaround. Can I ask a followup question?

Can you share your query and datasource?