Using regex OR as a value for a custom variable


I’m trying to create a custom variable that has values that contains some regex expression (e.g. ua|uat, int|prer) that will be used as the regex filter in another variable

Let’s say I have a variable like

  • Name : _type
  • “Values seperated by comma” : uat|ua, int|prer

and another variable like

  • Name : _env
  • Query : (returns a list of environments)
  • Regex : /$_type$/

the regex, does not seem to filter the query results properly when “uat|ua” is selected. However, if I replace $_type with /uat|ua/ in the Regex textbox, it works.

Note: I’m trying to filter the queried list for values that end in UAT or UA, etc…

Any ideas?


have you found a work around for your issue?

Hi, I have the same problem. Did anybody found a solution?