Using ElasticSearch on Grafana 5.4.2


I installed Grafana 5.4.2 on Ubuntu Linux, where I also have ElasticSearch setup for Grafana

I verified I can get the index file, after adding data source using step from

elktest@ELKServer:~$ curl -XGET ‘localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v&pretty’
health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green open .monitoring-es-6-2018.12.18 hMXOgfyqQlGl_6GbP-TCWg 1 0 203774 2321 129.9mb 129.9mb
yellow open filebeat-6.5.1-2018.12.01 7S2krSOhRb6rYDqcBbSAkQ 3 1 1022467 0 151.2mb 151.2mb
yellow open filebeat-6.5.1-2018.12.15 IoKxEP24STCasdp-eWofqw 3 1 177333 0 34.6mb 34.6mb
green open .monitoring-es-6-2018.12.15 _VNgGsoUTPKaAkISck-xfg 1 0 398739 2509 236.2mb 236.2mb

But I keep getting this error in the Settings page after clicking “Save & Test” button

“no handler found for uri [/fi12/19/20183b3pmt-6.5.1-2018.12.15/_mapping] and method [GET]”

Could you tell me what I have missed and any suggestions on how to solve this problem



Hi @stckwok,

What version of Elasticsearch are you running and does it match the version in the Data Source configuration (under section “Elasticsearch details”)?


Hi Alex,
I am using Version: 6.5.1 for Elasticsearch. Grafana is able to recognize version 6.5.1 when I click Configuration -> Data Sources.

If this version is not compatible with Grafana 5.4.2, could you tell me which Grafana version should I use?

The error message shows :
“no handler found for uri [/fi12/19/20183b3pmt-6.5.1-2018.12.15/_mapping] and method [GET]”

It seems that URI is being read incorrectly by Grafana.
Is there any log file I should look at to find out why this is incorrect?

Thanks again


Hi @stckwok,

In your datasource configuration screenshot, I notice “Version” is set to ‘5.x’. Can you try setting it to ‘6.0+’?


I challenge the same issue, have you resolved?

(tested with multiple possible options (like ES version, etc.). ES is green state. (6x ES, latest grafana, possibly bleading edge)