Cannot connect Grafana to Elasticsearch

I have installed and am currently running a working ELK 7.3 on Windows 10 (no docker)
I decided to compare Kibana to Grafana, so I installed Grafana 6.3.2 on the same Windows 10 box (again, no docker)

I set the datasource and index for Grafana to the same ES that is currently feeding Kibana.
So: Add New Datasource -> Elasticsearch
URL is correct (http://localhost:9200) <- responds to curl
index name is set to the same I used in Kibana
ES Version is 7.0+

Save and Test give me an Error 502

ES version is set to 7.0+
I can curl the URL and get ES stuff back, I can still use Kibana and get at the data. What can I debug to see why Grafana cannot see the ES instance?


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what is the error? check console and logs

Forgive me, I am out of my element with Windows and do not know where logs are stored.
I did look in the grafana.log file, the line show basically the same thing: status=502

My Grafana “Home Dashboard” has a red exclamation mark and when you hover over it says:
“Query error: 502 Bad Gateway”

Big time pilot error
The field for the HTTP Url was populated with ‘http://localhost:9200’, which is correct for my test environment. However, I had to select this, get a drop down with the same value in it and select it, to actually populate the url field.
So, it’s working.
Thanks for the help!

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