Can not point datasource to Elastic search through server(default) mode-Error 503


I can point my datasource to elasticsearch through browser mode.But I am not able to do it through server mode as service is unavailable(error 503).

I checked in backend where I can connect the url through command line but its still not working in the grafana.

I am not able to find solution how to resolve this or is there any configuration change needed in DNS settings or HTTP settings to configure the link.

Thanks in advance.


Same issue.
seems correlated with the grafana upgrade to 7.1.

Sep 02 16:36:46 xxxx grafana-server[11394]: t=2020-09-02T16:36:46+0200 lvl=info msg=“Request Completed” logger=context userId=21 orgId=1 uname=FOO method=GET path=/api/datasources/proxy/21/probe-data/_mapping status=503 remote_addr=x.x.X.x time_ms=59967 size=2042 referer=http://x.x.x.X:8080/My-Grafana/datasources/edit/21/

Notice :

A tcpdump with a filter for tcp port 9200 while in // I click to “Save and Test” button of a grafana datasource shows me nothing.

A simple wget directly from the host OS of grafana for the elastic url http://myelastic:9200 works

Any help is welcome.


Yes…I am getting the same issue…with another one where I am not able to perform ‘sum’ aggregation…