Not able to add elasticsearch as datasource


I’m completely new to both elasticsearch and Graphana. I’m trying to add our elasticsearch server as datasource but i’m not able to get this correctly.

I’m getting an error warning with no output. I checked the grafana server logs but can’t find anything interesting. I hav also checked if there is any restrictions in the firewall but everything looks good.

CORS problem since you’ve selected Access=direct. Please try Access=proxy instead - that should be the default in most cases and means that all requests will be proxied thru grafana backend and will remove possible CORS problem.


Hi I am trying to connect Grafana v5.4.2 on Elasticsearch 6.2.3 and encounter the same non-descriptive error when using Access=Browser. When using ‘Server (Default)’ I get 400 error.
Is there a way to get more info? As virtualthor mentioned the log file isn’t showing anything, even not in Debug mode.
Using curl on the same server works just fine: curl* so connection is not a problem. Screenshot:

You have an hourly index pattern specified. Please change to none, save and test again.