User Permissions Switching After Logging in

What Grafana version - 8.0.2

Trying to allow a group of users admin permissions through a distribution group

We have multiple groups set up which define different permissions. Through our ansible playgroups, we have the following to allow one group admin permissions.


                  - name: Main Org.

                    id: 1


                      - group_dn: "CN=linux_A,

                                  org_role: Admin

                      - group_dn: "CN=linux_B,

                                  org_role: Admin

                      - group_dn: "CN=linux_C

                                   org_role: Viewer

The user is a part of the linux_B and linux_C group and each time the user logs in their permissions default to Viewer

I expect the permissions of the user to be Admin

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.