User permission settings in Grafana Dashboard

Hi There,

I have a dashboard with three types of users Members and Excavators, and Supervisors.
And I have created separate dashboards for both Members and Excavators.

And I need to set all Member users have the view permission in Member Dashboards
All Excavator users have the view permission in Excavator Dashboards

And I need to set Supervisors have the permission to view both Members and Excavator dashboards.
Hoe can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance


Hi sonyvl!
You can create 3 different teams (Members, Excavators and Supervisors) via Create New Team and add users accordingly.

For every dashboard, in settings section, you are able to set/remove the Permissions for each team, to be able to view, edit or to be an admin for the dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ivanahuckova,

Thank you for your response , but this approach did not fix the issue.

When clicking on home tab it will list all dashboards, please find below screen shots

and all dashboards are listed.

The reason for this might be the fact, that default permission for all dashboards is for all viewers to see them and for all editors to be able to edit them. Have you tried to remove the viewer/editor permissions (if all types of the users are viewers or editors?) and keep just the teams permissions?

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Hi Ivanahuckova,

Thank you very much, your suggestions helped me to achieve the goal !!!

I have one more scenario like there are different Excavator users and Member users. And when a Member user logs in he should be able to view his data only, same applies to Excavators.

For eg.

  1. There are Member1 and Member2,
  2. When Member1 logged into the dashboard, as per the current settings he can view only Member dashboard with data of all Members.

And the new requirement is like:-

  1. When Member1 logged into the system he should be able to view the Dashboard with his data only.
  2. I have one column in my table with user name data (eg.
  3. Here ‘’ is the user name of Member1 to log into the Dashboard.

I am using SQL Server as database.

How can I get the user name( and apply the same as a filter condition in my query.

Thanks in advance,