Use Dashboard Background Image in either Light or Dark Theme

Is is it possible to use an image as a a dashboard Background. I use grafana in an industrial environment and the workers asked for a custom background instead of the black colour.
An image of a beach is in fact what they asked for! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

This can help you

Thanks a lot!
I will give it a try and I will post back

Hey thank you for the advice.
Do you know how to set a background image that is not on the web, but is stored on the server?
Iยดve tried to store the image here: C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\plugins-bundled\yesoreyeram-yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel-v0.1.0-3-gde365ef\yesoreyeram-yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel-de365efand reference it in a custom Style / CSS Override with
.panel-container { background-image: url("TestPicture.jpg"); }

but this does not workโ€ฆ