Grafana Plugin versioning

I want to use a plugin called “Boom Theme (by yesoreyeram)”.

However, this does not seem to be a grafana officially provided plugin.
it looks Personally developed plug-ins.

If so, may the plug-in not work with future version updates?

I am the author of that plugin and I do use the plugin in production. That plugin may stop working if grafana introduces any breaking changes. But you always have option to clone the plugin and customize.

But suggesting to use only for customization like fonts, backgrounds, panel shapes, etc. Don’t rely on any plugin for customizing your charts or data or table. So if something broken, it will cause less damage.

BTW, curious to know. Whats the use case for this plugin?

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Hi yesoreyeram,
Thanks for the Boom Theme plug in which is great to use. I got one question though, if I want to add my own theme, say with a jpeg image and the image is inside my grafana pod container, how can I point ‘BG Image URL’ to /usr/share/grafana/public/img/my_own_pic.jpg instead of “” ? I tried to do it with http://localhost/usr/share…but couldn’t get it to work. Any suggestion please? Thanks

@ptberhane. In simple you can’t use the image. You need to expose the image via HTTP API somehow.

Hi Yesoreyeram,

Quick question and help please re: Boom Theme.
In previous Grafana versions like 6.2 the boom theme CSS override was working as expected including panel Transparent features but I am having issues with Grafana v7.x (in my case 7.4).
For example I use this on Custom style/CSS override

panel-container {
background-color: #360080;
.dashboard-container {
background-color: #560080;
.navbar {
background-color: #9633FF;
Now if I turn on/off the panel Transparent feature, it doesn’t make a difference while it used to work in Grafana version 6.2.
The built in Dark and Light themes work ok on Transparent.
Any clue please?