Boom Theme & Grafana v7.3


Has anyone got an issue with using Boom Theme and Grafana 7.3. The specific problem I have is panel transparency not working. I am using the same json dashboard and panels I used on previous Grafana v6.2 and Boom theme worked fine (panel was being transparent) but now with 7.3, ‘my blue theme’ will not become transparent. The dark and white themes however can be transparent. Any clue please?

I don’t know about your specific issue but I use Boom Theme with 7.3.6 and it still works for what I use it for (some custom CSS). You may have to use your browser inspector to see what CSS classes are being used and what your theme is setting to discover what has changed, then change your custom theme to compensate.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion.
I still couldn’t get transparence settings to work under panel settings.

As you hopefully can see from the attached screenshot, toggling transparence on/off doesn’t make any difference. In my previous Grafana v6.2, the same dashboard and panels with the boom theme plugin, I created my own blue theme (to accompany the existing Grafana dark & white default themes) and when I applied the blue customised theme I used to toggle transparence on or off but not with 7.3. Nothing have changed from my setup except the new Grafana 7.3 version.