Url for RabbitMQ Prometheus metrics

I’m trying to use Prometheus data from my local RabbitMQ instance.

In Grafana (using version 6.6.1, MacOSX 10.15), I add a data source and select Prometheus. For now, I’m fine with using the ‘browser’ setting since both RabbitMQ and Grafana are running locally. I set url to

I’m getting an error. So I look at the network data tab for the browser, and the http request is going through this endpoint:
where the ‘api/v1/query’ part of the uri appears to be automatically added. The RabbitMQ plugin for prometheus does not support this uri.

Why is that extra uri part added? How can I prevent it from being added?

Chad Knutson

I just now found a duplicate question about this topic: 23671. No answers there either.

And now I understand the issue. The RabbitMQ prometheus plugin is only providing a prometheus endpoint. Grafana needs to connect to a prometheus server. Which explains the default url set to localhost:9090