No data on grafana overview dashboard

Good day everyone,

Please does anyone know if it is possible, after downloading RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard on Grafana, connect it to any RabbitMQ running in a cluster. Because There is no data available on the dashboard although I have a RabbitMQ server running fine.

Hi @amin224 - if you’re referring to this RabbitMQ dashboard template: RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

It looks like it requires the Prometheus data source and RabbitMQ needs to be configured first to send Prometheus metrics and there’s a Prometheus plugin for RabbitMQ you need to enable: Monitoring with Prometheus & Grafana — RabbitMQ

Once that’s done, the Grafana side - check out the docs for the Prometheus data source: Prometheus | Grafana Labs

Hey @samcoren ,

I am using kube-prometheus-stack helm chart which uses exporters to send metrics to prometheus. I have already setup a rabbitmq exporter and metrics are being sent to prometheus and are visible on grafana.

In addition, I made sure the rabbitmq_prometheus plugin is enabled as it was required for the RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard on Grafana Labs


Requires rabbitmq-prometheus to be enabled, a built-in plugin since [RabbitMQ v3.8.0]

:/$ rabbitmq-plugins list
Listing plugins with pattern ".*" ...
 Configured: E = explicitly enabled; e = implicitly enabled
 | Status: * = running on
[E*] rabbitmq_management               3.8.9
[e*] rabbitmq_management_agent         3.8.9
[  ] rabbitmq_mqtt                     3.8.9
[e*] rabbitmq_peer_discovery_common    3.8.9
[E*] rabbitmq_peer_discovery_k8s       3.8.9
[E*] rabbitmq_prometheus               3.8.9

But still there is no data shown on RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard, my only work-around approach to solve my issue is to copy the JSON Model of the RabbitMQ-Overview to my current RabbitMQ dashboard on Grafana.

I will check the docs for Prometheus data that you have sent. Thank you

Hey @samcoren, my apologies but I have been stuck on this issue for 3 days trying to work out the problem and I still don’t know what is the problem.

  1. On my grafana service I have the prometheus datasource.
  2. I have enabled all plugins for my rabbitmq such as rabbitmq_prometheus, rabbitmq_top, rabbitmq_tracing and rabbitmq_event_exchange.
  3. I made sure the RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard is using the same datasource for all my grafana dashboards.

Can you please tell me if there is a way I can debug this issue for my grafana dashboard.

Hi, I’ve the same issue. Prometheus is working.
I noticed that RabbitMQ-Overview queries definition uses some metrics that I cannot find in the metrics list (See the attached screenshot). They all start with “rabbitmq_” suffix, but I can’t find any metric of that type.
I also attach a screenshot of my RabbitMQ’s plugin list.

Did you solve this issue?
Thanks, BR

ok, I’ve understand.
I didn’t add localhost:15692 in my Prometheus target list.
Sorry :disappointed: