Kubernetes Rabbitmq Pod on Rabbitmq-Overview dashboard


I have a Rabbitmq Pod running on my Kubernetes cluster and I would like to use the RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard ( 10991) available on Grafana. My issue here is that I am unable to link my Rabbitmq to the dashboard that I imported in Grafana. Please note that I am using helm chart kube-prometheus-stack and I have already setup a rabbitmq exporter to show my metrics on Grafana but I would like to use the RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard, which has a lot more features, for my rabbitmq pod.

Kindly note that I made sure my Pod has rabbitmq-prometheus plugin enabled
[E*] rabbitmq_prometheus 3.8.11

Is there a URL I can enter for the RabbitMQ-Overview dashboard to connect it to my existing rabbitmq Pod before I import it to Grafana? Sorry in advance I am new to Grafana and I appreciate any guidance for my case.