Urgent | Amazon managed Grafana - Alert issue

I am new to Amazon managed Grafana, currently we have dashboards that are monitoring EC2 servers that AMG should send an alert notification whenever there is a spike. FYI., I am sending alerts notifications through amazon sns service using HTTPS subscription.

What I am getting in my email:

1.mail which is being sent from sns only contains Subject (ie… “State: ALERTING”) and it doesn’t contain any body. Please tell me where I am making mistake.

@mattabrams please help me on this.

@jangaraj @jangaraj2 used your monitoring list dashboards from GitHub


~ the grafana team

Hi any update on this please.

@samcoren please help

@grafunkel @dheerukreddy can you please help on this

@mattabrams @jangaraj

Hi @tpc,

Did you already look into documentation on how to create alerts and the template which can be used?

I found this post which seems to be v.helpful for many community members as how to create and customize alerting templates when using it.

Hi @usmanahmad

Thank you for the response, but how do we use this in Amazon managed Grafana, since it doesn’t show all these alert values under alert thing.

Grafana cloud shows all these Alert values, Description and all but AMG it just shows Description, Tag name.


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Hi @usmanahmad

Anything on this please

Hi @tpc,

As I am not an expert with Amazon services but still want to help. Have you also looked into this guide provided by amazon for alert?

If you had and still having issues, then maybe try contacting amazon support on this case as here in community forums, it may take some time until a community member answers back to your post and if it is urgent for you then as an alternative would be better get a professional support licence so that your problem can be resolved quickly.