Amazon Managed Grafana - Template and Alerting issue

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Template variables are not supported in alert queries

I am using Amazon Managed Grafana and clone Amazon EC2 dashboard from Grafana Dashbaords. When I try to use Amazon SNS it is not allowing me to create multiple alerts say I have 2 accounts named Staging and UAT which consists of few servers.

Now I am trying to set up Alerts that Staging Account with any instance CPU usage goes to 50% send an alert. But when I open alert section it says Template variable are not supported

Can someone help on this please


~ the grafana team

Hi @tlavu ,

Please check the following post link as it describes how to use the template for alerting.

Hope this helps !!

Hi @usmanahmad.

We are using Amazon Managed Grafana. We don’t have access as grafana cloud as like adding contact point and so. Can you please show that for any one panel with cloudwatch in version v.8.4.7 in Amazon Cloud or any OSS please.

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Hi @tlavu

Ok, I am not an expert with AWS side of Grafana but I will still try to help you here.

Specific for cloudwatch, found this old community post where it has a good explanation with documentaion.

Hi @usmanahmad

Well, that post is more of a cloudwatch queries, but it doesn’t show anything on Alerts.

I will give my context again just to be on a same page:

  • I am trying to use one dashboard and add 3 differenet cloudwatch datasources: Worked
  • Whenever I select Datasource variable panels changes according to the DS: Worked
  • When I go to panel and create alert it shows template varibale not supported in alert: Error
  • So removed the vaibales like $something and hardcoded then selected Alerts now I can see the create alert toggle.: Done
  • I am not able add multple queries like For instance Datasource 1 I might select total monthly bill if it greater than $2000 shoot an alert, the same way for Datasource 2 I should give $5000 but here it is taking only one DS1: Error

Hi @tlavu,

Have you already looked into this guide provided by amazon for alert?

If you had and still having issues, then maybe try contacting amazon support on this case as here in community forums if they know a solution for this?

Hey! @tlavu , I’m struggling with the same issue. Were you able to find a workaround for this?

not yet either way I am not getting help from Amazon or Grafana people.