ERROR:-Template variables are not supported in alert queries

Hi Team,

I am a newbie to Grafana. I am facing issue while trigger the alert from Grafana. The problem is I am using this template(1860) for my dashboard. However I am trying to test my alert rule by clicking on the Test Rule button, I get below attached error.

Our data source is prometheus.
Grafana Version -Grafana v6.0.2 (3f4c2e7)

Please have a look at the attached screenshot for the reference

Please help me here It became a bottle neck for me.

Thanks in advance.

Hello ravicdac4! You can find more information on this issue here:

Also, there is a long discussion on why alerting with template variable is difficult and maybe not what people actually want:

Thanks for your help and support

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Is this resolved? If yes, How?
I am also getting same error “Template variables are not supported in alert queries”. As an exampled while ‘Overall total disk & average disk used%’.

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