CloudWatch source alerts not working on EC2 dashboard

Hello all,

I am using dashboard 617 to display data from CloudWatch source.
I am using the below variables.

|$instancename|ec2_instance_attribute($region, Tags.Name, {“tag:Product”: [“SomeTag”]})
|$instanceid|ec2_instance_attribute($region, InstanceId, {“tag:Name”: ["$instancename"]})
|$volumeid|ebs_volume_ids($region, $instanceid)
|$instancetype|ec2_instance_attribute($region,InstanceType, {“instance-id”: ["$instanceid"]})

My goal and understanding is that I can set alerts that can be send through e-mail and slack on each panel within the dashboard.

When I configure an alert I get Template variables are not supported in alert queries and then when I hit test I get:


conditionEvals:" = true"


error:“tsdb.HandleRequest() response error &{RequestError: send request failed caused by: Post https://monitoring.$ dial tcp: lookup monitoring.$ no such host A <nil> [] []}”

For e-mails I don’t get anything, for Slack webhook I get an event, but it is containing that error message.
Grafana is running on docker default image (with a persistent volume) and it has InfluxDB (on separate container with persistent volume) source and CloudWatch source.
Grafana version is 5.4.3.
I have red a lot through the forums and I couldn’t find a clear information if I can somehow achieve this with that Dashboard and sources. I get that template variables are not supported, but is there any combination in which I can achieve this through a workaround on Grafana?