Upgraded to 6.2 but barguage panel is not available

We upgraded to 6.2 using the rpm and now when selecting the Bar Gauge panel, we get the attached error:


Is there a way to “reinstall” the default included panels?

We’re running on CentOS 7, using the rpm package, MySQL backend.

did you restart grafana server? Are you sure your running 6.2?

Yeah, I’ve restarted several times. According to the UI and the RPM installed, we’re on 6.2.1.

I’ve also verified that the bargauge directory is in the public/app/plugins/panel/ directory.

It seems the build for release 6.2.1 does not content all commits announced for the release. For example, the changes on this commit is not in the build

I re-installed the rpm and it seems to be working now. I have my HA server I still haven’t updated yet, so I’ll be doing that next, we’ll see if it reproduces the same issue.

ok, maybe your issue is not realted to this problem on the build. By build I mean the .deb and .tar.gz files released for 6.2.1 … they don’t content the commit I mentioned , and maybe there more commit missed