Update variable on every panel

Hi guys,

I have two variables $Interface and $Description. I am doing a repeat panel by $Interface and this is working well, unfortunately the $Description is not updated on every panel as the $Interface.

Do I need to combine the variables somehow so both are updated on every panel? Do I need to change something?

Basically I need the second variable $Description to be updated on every panel as well.

I need this so that I have the correct panel title:
eth0 desc0
eth1 desc1

Instead of the current:
eth0 desc0
eth1 desc0

can you change the order , description first then interface and how is it working then?

Is it like each Interface will have different Descriptions?

If yes, use repeat row for interface under row use repeat panel for each Description.

If no, I don’t think the repeat panel supports two variables!


Tried that it’s not working since I need the traffic for each interface and description along for each one.

Yes, one description for each interface. But I tried that but it’s not working I again have the same description repeating on all interfaces

Are you using passing both interface and description variables in the query? Then only it works!

no there are separete