Unit set to meter showing mm instead of decimal meter

I am using the CDF connector this version of Grafana: v10.3.0-63137
I have set the unit to meter for a Stat vizualisation.
I need the number to show decimals when below 0 and not show mm.
So for the picture I have included i want it to show 0.712.
It does this in the timeseries graph.
Same unit used.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Any one know what i do then? I did expect it to show m all the time when selecting m as unit.

Bump - Facing this issue now with Grafana 11.0.0?

By default, Grafana automatically scales the unit based on the magnitude of the value. For example, if you have values of 0.14kW and 3000kW, Grafana displays them as 140W and 3MW, respectively

You can specify custom unit and it will not be scaled:

Custom unit

An example: