Unexpected Misleading Behavior: All firing alerts of the same group are reset to OK when Edit/save are performed

I have reproduced this behavior in all the 9.x.x grafana versions.
I have a group with some alert rules in it. Some of them are firing, I edit one of the alerts of the group, doesn’t matter if it’s firing or not.
When I save the alert i was editing ALL the firing alerts are RESET to OK. It can be very misleading, because people at the helpdesk will receive a close message when the alert is still there on the data, and then they receive a second alerting email, when the alert is going to be fired again.
Is it the expected behavior?

Hi Joel, you’re right. This is because the only way to update an alert rule is updating the group it belongs. The api only let us to update all the alerts for a group, so, if one rule in a group is updated, the states of all the other rules in that group are reset.

@soniaaguilar I appreciate the answer and marked as solution, but i hope you there at Grafana realize it is an extremely dangerous behavior and not reliable at all, receiving tons of false negative closed alerts because i edited one single alert rule. It makes grafana managed alerts unsable in industrial or remote monitoring applications.

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Thank you so much for your feedback @joel. Alerting team will include this problem in the list of tasks to be addressed in the future and work towards identifying the optimal solution for it.