Unable to setup basicAuth with marcusolsson-json-datasource datasource plugin

Hello team,

We are trying to provision marcusolsson-json-datasource as code with basic authentication but for some reason the option is not recognized by Grafana.


  • Grafana 9.2.4
  • marcusolsson-json-datasource 1.3.1

For example, the YAML provision file for the datasource looks like this:

apiversion: 2
  - name: "My JSON datasource"
    type: marcusolsson-json-datasource
    url: https://example.com:443/api/endpoint
    basicAuth: true
    basicAuthUser: "user"
    isDefault: false
    editable: true
    version: 9
      basicAuthPassword: "password"

The workaround was to make the datasource editable and fix the basicAuth issue from the GUI.

I do see an issue opened in GitHub from more than a year ago, but I wonder if I’m doing something wrong and my issue is just a configuration setting on the wrong place.


Looks like the plugin is not actively supported and the workaround is the only way to get it to work