Simplejson datasource with authentication

I want to use the SimpleJson datasource plugin but I want to send also a username and password that user can just input manually somewhere in the dashboard. I want my simplejson datasource to connect with REST API.
Is this possible somehow?
@marcusolsson @daniellee @mefraimsson guys please suggest me how to do this…


You can set up authentication in the data source configuration. Supplying credentials in your dashboard is unsafe and should be avoided.

I understand that you want a timely answer to your questions, but please don’t @ forum members unless you have a question specifically for that person. While the Grafana team is trying our best to answer community questions, often answers come from community members outside of the team that might be active in different time zones than yours. Please allow for some time for the right person to see your question.


Related slightly, but I looked at the simplejson plugin, but it wouldn’t give me what I needed - which was json flexibility to connect to REST APIs.

I then stumbled upon which does give me what I want.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be relying on passing creds the way you want anyway.