HELP..URGENT about grafana

I am very new to grafana and want to use SimpleJSON plugin. I have installed simple json plugin and running grafana @ http://localhost:8080. When adding datasource (with type “simpleJson”) I could see the following information to be filled up:

URL: -----------------------
Access: -----------------------

What are these? can anybody explain a bit? Will be very helpful for a very new to grafana. I want to create some dashboard with some json structure like below:

“timestamp”: “2018-03-29.09:07:12.000”,
“name”: “TEST_USAGE”,
“value”: 45
“timestamp”: “2018-03-30.09:07:12.000”,
“name”: “TEST_USAGE2”,
“value”: 91


See Grafana simplejson dashboard


Hello @mefraimsson Thanks for the reply. Will check and let you know how it goes. thanks again.