Datasources no longer authenticate

all of my datasources (prometheus, IBM APM, josn) can’t autheniticate and give me error 401 (i use basic auth) all worked until yesterday.(no, i have not touched anything yesterday ) for each try i do on datasources dashboard, in grafana.log i see:

t=2020-09-23T16:30:14+0200 lvl=eror msg=“Invalid username or password” logger=context error=“No password provided”

Tried so far:
1 edit datasource (flag/unflag basic auth and reset reentered name and pass)
2 new datasource (tried prometheus and ibm apm )
3 rebooted the machine
4 changed my browser (chrome- firefox / user admin-another admin user)
5 restored the machine to a working date (2 days ago)

the issue is on grafana itself i think because tcpdump dosn’t show any attempt leaving my server

thanks in advance
G Paolo

Update, only firefox seems affected, chrome have worked

I see similar issues. Maybe Firefox changed some security settings or something.