Unable to retrieve all data from Zabbix to Grafana

Hello dear Grafana community,

My Grafana server is running Grafana 6.6.1 with 3.10.4 Zabbix Plugin and Zabbix 2.2.8 version.
The problem is data retrieving from Zabbix to Grafana.

Not all data can be retrieved from Zabbix to Grafana. Only one part can be downloaded and graphed, but other items can not be done. It’s impossible to count how many Zabbix items are downloaded. There are so many… Like if there is some limitations. I guess that grafana.ini setting should bme tuned but I Don’t know which exact item in grafana.ini it should be modified.

I have more then 3000 Zabbix items to graph in Grafana.
I have checked Zabbix acces configuration for my login and it’s OK.

Could you help me how to troubleshoot it.
Many thanks :slight_smile: