Unable to rename by regex with "zabbix problems" panel


I am using Grafana 8.4.3

I am trying to rename values sent by zabbix in the “zabbix problems” visualization

My goal is to remove "[MON-MQ] CHANNEL : " from the zabix value

This visualization does not have the value mapping option.
I’ve put a rename by Regex in the transformation tab with no success.

I’m quite sure of the regex I use but nothing happens…

Do you know in which fields the rename by regex is working?

As the zabbix returns a json, should I adapt the regex to parse the whole json in order to update the value?

Thanks for your help


Which plugin are you using and what data source type are you using?

Hello yosiasz,

I am using Zabbix (Alexander Zobnin) plugin v 4.01.

The datasource Type: Zabbix




For information.

After update to last version of Zabbix plugin v 4.2.9 : I still have the same issue.

I cant seem to be able to enable or configuer this plugin.

The plugin info is there. About Grafana-Zabbix - Grafana-Zabbix Documentation

to reproduce you should add a zabbix datasource

no go. just stuck here.


This panel is normal. I have the same.

Next step is to add the datasource


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