Unable to edit dashboards after migrating to newer Grafana version

Grafana v9.4.0-pre

Previously I used a prebuilt Grafana 9.3.0 version and created dashboards to monitor the number of network devices. I have been given a task to rebrand it according to company requirements. Therefore, I have set up a developer environment and completed my task of rebranding successfully.

But the query section of each dashboard turned into a read-only mode when I moved grafana.db from the old Grafana version to my Grafana development environment. I have also set the dashboard editable in the general setting. Moreover, I have changed the owner of grafana.db to allow permission for editing.

It should remain editable because I didn’t receive any errors.

What could be the solution?

Hi @adeel86,

Thanks for opening this post.

I would suggest checking this post as there are some good examples of how to migrate Grafana to a newer version or while moving to a new location.

Let us know if this helps.

Hi @usman.ahmad

Thanks for the reply. I followed these instructions earlier, but they did not fix the issue. Actually, I found the problem after a lot of digging: the uuid of the Prometheus data source was different for each panel of the dashboard.

I fixed it by manually updating the UUID.

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