Unable to add tags in Worldmap panel

Hi everyone,

I’m using grafana v8.0.3. I’m trying to use the world map panel to show the user’s details who are working from vdi location and who are working from office location. How should I mention two tags in geo_point/geohash field.

Thanks for your response in advance.

Hey @laddu - afraid I can’t answer you question, but just to make sure you’re aware, Worldmap is deprecated and out of support - Geomap is the recommended alternative Geomap | Grafana documentation

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Hi @davidharris

Can I know the cli command to install the geomap panel.

It’s a Core plugin so no need to install, however I think it was introduced in 8.1 - What's new in Grafana 8.1: Geomap panel | Grafana Labs. 8.0.3 is a fairly old release, are you able to upgrade?

Hi @davidharris,

Thanks for your response. I’ve tried with 8.1 version and even for geomap I can’t show two tags in the map.

In the right side i e., Data layer column in Geohash field I’m able to give any one. But I need to showcase the Both the tags.