Unable to Access the Grafana.com Server to Install new Plugins

Hi i am new here, hoping someone can enlighten me to something that has pained me with a issue currently with Grafana and the below is what i am struggling in fixing, ever since i upgraded Grafana from version v6 to v8, grafana isn’t able to access plugins outside our corporate network. is this something that someone has seen before?


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can you turn your logging level up to debug in the Grafan ini and see if you reports any errors? Do you see anyhting in the networking tab of your browser’s developer console? What specific version did you upgrade to?

Hi @mattabrams thanks for the reply, i’ve enabled the logs to capture a bit more verbose loggings from grafana and currently we cant seem to find where that part of the disabled tab is going to…

The Developer console do you mean Chrome by using the f12 command to show the below? let me know if this is what you mean.

the version prior to the upgrade was 6.3.6. the new version currently is 8.3.6


Hello, any updates for this post? I met such issue on latest version 9.3.6

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Hello same here with HA add-on v.9.4.3