UI Theme not changing to Light mode anymore

I think the Light mode stopped working after I messed with the config. I deleted the config and it recreated the default config. I am using the custom.ini though. I have tried changing the UI Theme in Preference section of the Configuration on the “website” and tried changing the default UI theme to light in the configuration file itself. Any suggestions?

Where are you changing theme? User preferences or Org preferences? If you already have it set on user level changing it on Org (or grafana.ini) it will have no effect

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I am changing it from Configuration tab( on the left side of the website)–>preferences–>UI theme. What do you mean by user level? How would I change it on a user level? I am signed in as admin and that’s the only account.

edit - Ah ok, you have to go to the bottom left of the website TO your account THEN preference there. Thank you for your help.