Hiding/removing the light UI Theme from user interface

Hey guys,

we optimised our Grafana color scheme for the Dark theme, which means that it does not look very good for the light theme. Hence I would love to remove the option of changing to the light theme in the front-end.
I was just wondering what’s the most straight forward way to achieve this. I looked around a bit in the repo and it seemed to be quite entangled across the code base.

Any help is much appreciated!


You could go about removing the theme setting:

That’s probably the only option I have for you right now.

Thanks @skarhed for pointing me to the right place.
I successfully implemented the change.

For anyone who is interested.
I added a new variable, that excludes the light theme:
const optionThemes = [{ value: '', label: 'Default' }, { value: 'dark', label: 'Dark' }];

which I used for “options” below:

                value={themes.find(item => item.value === theme)}
                onChange={theme => this.onThemeChanged(theme.value)}