Ubnt Dashboard - Waterbywind

I’m looking to see if someone can do a more dumbed down tutorial or video of how to setup this scheme. I’ve got other dashboards working with Unraid + Grafana, but I’d like to add the Ubiquiti hardware to a new one.

@Waterbywind has a great board (not sure if that’s how you tag someone)

Where I’m getting a little lost is in the SNMP configuration.
Grafana,Telegraf and Influxdb are all hosted in Unraid via Dockers

I’ve enabled SNMP via the controller for the devices and can do a snmpwalk for each AP (UAP-AC-Pro).
Next I followed the instructions for adding the changes to the Telegraf.conf and restarting the service.

Changing the names from “uap1” to what’s named in my controller “AP1”

After doing so, I go back to grafana, install the dashboard and I’m stuck now trying to figure out where I’m off not getting any results.

What am I overlooking or missing?