Typescript error causing graphs to not render properly

I am seeing an issue where several graphs in the same dashboard are behaving differently. For instance, most graphs in the dashboard when they have no value actually say no value. Other graphs in the same dashboard don’t say no value they are just blank. Below is the error we are seeing for the blank graphs:


angular.js:15697 TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘length’)
at e.value (time_series2.ts:125)
at t.value (module.ts:322)
at c.t.wrapper (EventBus.ts:63)
at c.FnK4.c.emit (index.js:202)
at e.value (EventBus.ts:52)
at panel_directive.ts:90
at angular.js:21765
at Xr.completeTask (angular.js:21403)
at angular.js:6879 ‘Possibly unhandled rejection: {}’



Using version 7.5.11