Graph blank out during refresh

I wanted to ask the community to see if anyone has been experiencing this on time series graphs or not. There is an issue opened for this under the Timestream datasource plugin:

I am not sure if this is a datasource issue or Grafana. It still exists on the latest 8.2.0.

Your comments much appreciated.

I can confirm that this is related to number of Grafana queries that I have in my time series panel. If I have more than one query (like query A and query B) then black out will happen. But if I combine all queries into one (using unions and such) then everything works fine. Any idea what might be the underlying issue?

I really appreciate if anyone could confirm they see the same blackout effect in the time series graphs or not, regardless of whichever datasource they are using. Tnx. Please let me know if you need more info.

This doesn’t fix the problem.
When the graphs are blank, if I scroll up or down, the graphs all reappear.