Widgets does not show data

In general we are using version 7.3.1. (based on PostgreSQL)

Around a week ago the Grafana was updated automatically to 8.4.3 and issue was that some of the widgets did not show its data.

If you run the query of the widget, it does return results.

We decided to downgrade back to 7.3.1 but now again some widgets still does not show data.

We need urgent assistance - please let me know how can we solve this issue ASAP.

Ofir Levi

Head of Support

In this case, the panels are black and without displaying, without error or anything, right?

Hello Dennis,
Yes it is black. no error on the widget. just black.

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I’ll tell you how to solve this problem:

Edit the Panel and select the datasource you use, then apply and save…

This happens something from grafana is updated and needs to set the datasource again

Thanks Dennis but this procedure did help to solve the issue.
BTW please note that some panels has data and some not.
If I edit the panel that does not show data and select generate query, click refresh, I can see suddenly the data in this view, but when I come back to the dashboard view, again… the widget it empty black.

The same happened to me, access the Panel and edit the datasource, as soon as the data appears, apply and save, I’ll send a tutorial in images


Click on “Datasource” Select the datasource again, apply and save, I wait for your feedback.
even if it is already in the correct datasource, put it again