Two factor authentication

Are there any plans to add 2FA support for Grafana?

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I found this page
I understand that some or all of the examples handles 2FA.
But I want to add the users in Grafana and force them to use 2FA. Can I then use any of the oauth example providers?

2FA should be configured in used Identity Provider (oauth provider). There is no need of 2FA implementation for oauth in Grafana.

OK. But can I still add the users in Grafana and then only use a oauth provider for the 2FA?

I tried with Auth0 right now and it seems that I need to add all users in Auth0 webpage before I can use it in Grafana, correct?

That depends on your Grafana configuration. In theory, you can have more Grafana auth options. For example local Grafana user db + oauth provider.

Thanks for your reply.

Anyone that knows how to setup Grafana to use local user db and oauth provider?

Use as a reference - there are useful comments:

  • configure oauth
  • don’t disable login form disable_login_form = false

I tried to add Auth0 and it shows up in my Grafana login screen. But it seems to be that I need to add all users to Auth0 before they login to Grafana, is this correct or am I doing something wrong?