Grafana auth0 authentication without double login

Hello community, I’m a junior developer working on grafana dashboard authentication for my company’s users. Essentially what we want is this:

  1. User logs into our webapp with their credentials.

  2. auth0 provider authenticates user and provides a token.

  3. After login the user is directed to a page with embedded grafana dashboard/panel. I want to use the same token as before for Grafana authentication so that the user is automatically logged in.

Step 3 is where I am getting very confused after researching many different forums.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from years past so that is also why I’m here to see if there are any updates regarding this.

Thank you very very much!

Why so complicated approach? Auth0 is identity provider, so use it in Grafana generic oauth config and iframe will use existing Auth0 SSO session. Is it good idea to check forum first, e.g. JWT Authentication details

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No need to set up a proxy or reverse proxy? Sounds to me like there is more involved behind the scenes than what you just said.

You are trying to overengineer it. You need to utilize SSO (single sign on) protocol Open ID Connect (OIDC, which is based on OAuth). The key feature of SSO is “single sign on” - no more duplicated logins, only seamless login user experience.

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what does grafana need from the SSO if I wanted to embed the panel in an iframe? Also, thank you very much!!!

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