Trying to use dates from date table from MySQL in the Dashboard Variables

Hi Guys,

I am trying to use dates from my date table in MySQL in the Dashboard Variables. I have my own dates stored in a table called import_date in the date format, but when I try to create a variable dashboard in Grafana the dates appear like epoch time.

My query:
image (3)

The Grafana preview values:
image (4)

The dropdown menu with the wrong date format:
image (6)

The original date as expected:
image (5)

I would like to know how can I use this date in the original format.

I really appreciate any help.


hello, i have the same issue. i want to add a datetime as a variable. in fact, my data store in mysql as timestamp format. i used the query like “select from_unixtime(my_time) from my_table”, but the result as below:

i hope someone can help me for this issue.


Please try this function to format the date